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My Essie Collection


Which color to wear?  That’s the question of the day.  It’s summer so maybe a bright color or a pastel!  So many colors to choose from, so many different shades…decisions, decisions.

I was looking at my Essie collection the other day and thought “So many beautiful colors.”  Then I thought, “Kind of like the people of God.”  We are all unique and have something to give (which God has deposited into us).  First Corinthians 12:1-11 talks about different spiritual gifts, services and works.  Like the many shades of my Essie collection we are all special and bring something different to the table, or the “nail polish stand.”

Even though there are many colors on my nail polish stand they all have the same distributor, Essie.  Just as we, even though we have different gifts, services and works…we too have one distributor, Jesus.  One color is not considered better than the other although we have our preferences (mine is pink 🙂   ).  Each shade has its benefits.  Some are better suited for summer, others for fall, spring, or winter.  Some are pearlescent and some are glittery for the fancier occasions.

Whichever color or shade you see yourself as, know that each one has its purpose.  Don’t wish you were a different color then what you are.  You just might be the exact color that someone needs.

(1st Corinthians 12:1-11)


We are all on this “nail polish stand” together and with the same purpose, to serve others.


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