Harpers Bizarre

I am a visual person, so vivid images catch my attention.  I happen to love some magazine covers.  So many elements go into making the cover stand out.  One magazine in particular that has spectacular covers is the Harper’s Bazaar.  The colors, fashion and celebrities on the cover are very appealing.  These attractive covers get you to pick up the magazine and eventually read them.

As I was perusing through the magazines something occurred to me…the message wasn’t clear!  There were articles entitled “Look Younger”, “Fabulous at Every Age”, and “Update Your Look”.  Well which one should I believe?  That I’m FAB at every age?  That I need to look younger?  Or that I just need to update my look?  Talk about BIZARRE!


I’m so glad the word of God doesn’t contradict itself.  The message is reliable and supports itself.  I LOVE magazines, but what a confused and insecure woman I’d be if I let the Harper’s Bazaar define me.  Who/What defines you?  Your marital status?  Clothes?  How “good” you are?  Material possessions?  Position?  Ministry? Your calling? or CHRIST?

(Philippians 3:7-10)  (Matthew 6:19-21)  (Luke 12:15)


The only thing more BIZARRE then the Harper’s Bazaar are those who give it the authority it wasn’t meant to have.


beauty, Christian, fashion



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