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Isn’t she FAB in an avant-garde kind of way?  If I had the infamous Black Widow with me I”d walk the streets anytime day or night.  I wouldn’t have to worry about the bad guys because she’d be my security.  When a person has security they feel safe and at ease.  Nothing or no one can cause them to feel threatened.  I can see her now, taking care of business with her awesome moves!  BANG!  BOOM!  POW!

Sadly many Christians are walking around without the “Black Widow” by their side.  When you lack security, what do you gain?……That’s right insecurity.   We all need the “Black Widow” with us at all times so that we don’t operate out of insecurity.  Insecurity breeds fear and scheming, security breeds peace and trust.

Now don’t be fooled! Even those in high positions can suffer from it.  Let’s take a look at 5 ways the lack of security can cause someone to behave.

1.  Inability to acknowledge others OR to hear them acknowledged by others –  When you lack security you become jealous of others so this is difficult to do.   (All you have to do is say “good job”, after all we are all on the same side!)

2.  Worried not excited – If you find yourself worried about how well someone is doing, you may be suffering from the absence of the “Black Widow.”  (You should be excited about how well others are doing.)

3.  Finding power in numbers – When your insecure you want others to join in with you.  You ever heard the term “misery loves company”? So does insecurity!  (Take your fears and insecurities to the Lord, don’t involve others. When God is with someone, their adversaries will always be out numbered.)

4.  Plot against someone in the form of a “blessing” or an “opportunity –  When you bless others or give others an opportunity, make sure its not feigned.  These types of “blessings” or “opportunities” really stem from a desire to see the person fail.  (Check yourself, after all God knows your heart! When he is with some one they will succeed regardless.)

5.  Try to harm others directly or indirectly – King Saul threw arrows at David when his other attempts to kill him failed.   Now you may not literally throw arrows at people but you can with words.  Those who are insecure have a tendency to throw words of discouragement and negativity at others.  When you feel the need to put others down, it says a lot about how you feel about yourself. (If you don’t have anything constructive to say, don’t say anything!  Thank God for the person instead)

If you find yourself behaving in any of these ways, chances are your getting beat by the “bad guys” and need some security.


You want to have the “Black Widow” with you at all times,  so she can kill the “bad guys” that hide in your heart?  Seek Him ^

(1st Samuel 18-19) READ it!

Watch the Black Widow in action..




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