Volunteer Slave

"Choose me! Choose me!"

“Choose me! Choose me!”

I once new this young man who recalled his days of old as a slave. The beatings, the cruel punishments, the harsh words and the harsh labor. He rejoiced when slaves had finally been declared free. Over time however, his rejoicing soon came to an end. You see… although he was a free man by law, he couldn’t see himself as something other than a slave. Eventually he returned to his masters house and submitted once again to his harsh labor. The master looked puzzled but took pleasure in the mans inability to accept his new stance in life. He worked the slave harder then ever.

“That man is crazy!” You say, but you and I can too be that man! When you put your faith in Jesus you were by law declared righteous. No longer an enemy of God but a child of God. No longer guilty but acquitted. No longer to be labeled unrighteous but righteous. The devil (like the slave master) takes pleasure when Gods children can’t grasp who they REALLY are or what God TRULY has for them. He enjoys seeing them give in to their sinful tendencies which eat away at their lives and in some cases forfeit the blessings God intended for them to have.

When a slave has been set free the hardest part is not enjoying their freedom, it’s actually no longer having a slave 🔒 mentality.
If Jesus has set you free, the hardest part is not rejoicing, the hardest part is no longer seeing yourself clothed in your own sinfulness.

A slave whose been set free yet still sees themselves as a slave will return to his hard labor. A Christian who has been set free yet still sees themselves as who they were apart from Christ , will return to his sinful lifestyle.

Start seeing yourself as God sees you, through the righteousness of Jesus. He sees you as a child of God, a saint, a royal priesthood, justified, acquitted, righteous, redeemed, forgiven, loved, valuable and FREE.

Does this mean you will never sin? Absolutely not! It means your identity should not be found in the times when you do. I guarantee you, seeing yourself through the eyes 👀 of God will make it much harder to live a sinful lifestyle.

Now go be found in Him


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