So…I have fairly light brown eyes and wanted to find a color to accent them which would make them stand out. I thought, “Maybe I can do metallic colors like silver, gold and bronze!”  So one day as I was perusing down the make-up aisle I noticed an ad (it had Pink as the spokeswoman, side note – love her style), the ad showed her wearing these bright metallic colors on her eyes called “Flamed Out”.  Me being a sucker for color and metallic, I purchased the gold, silver and bronze shadow pencils. They go on smooth and are long lasting! Whenever I wear them I always get compliments on my eyes.  It’s the first thing people notice.

This made me think…”What if you and I stood out the way my eyes did when I wore these metallic colors?” “What if when people see us they have to stop and stare for a minute because there is something about us that catches their attention?”  Then I thought, “Wait a minute…there is! At least there should be.” 

You see when you are a Christian, the more time you spend with God (in prayer and reading the word) and the more you allow his Holy Spirit to be the fire within you, the more you stand out, like my eyes did.  It’s a spiritual kind of “Flamed Out” that can only be applied by Him.  It goes on smooth and it’s long lasting but keep in mind it also has to be reapplied (as does your time with Him).  So if you’ve been feeling like a plain Jane and need to update up your look, you know what to do.  I guarantee you, there is nothing more eye catching then someone who has a flame that comes from within.  

What? You’re not much of a eyeshadow kinda gal?  No problem!  “Flamed Out” has a whole line of products…mascara, lipstick, nail polish, ect. Take your pick!


Now go and give the world something to talk about 


(Luke 24:32 , Matthew 3:11)


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