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I absolutely love Too Faced, Primed and Poreless face primer!  I apply it before I put on my powder foundation because it fills in the not so smooth spots and makes my skin look flawless. Definitely a must have!  Now I’ve got pretty good skin but there are areas of my face that need a little extra care, if ya know what I mean! You ever meet someone who’s pretty awesome? They pray really well, are involved in ministry, post lots of super spiritual things on their facebook and IG account, ect…etc.   Then as time goes by you get to know them outside of the church realm.  All of a sudden they begin to change. The perfectly “Primed and Poreless” face you saw in church becomes this well….unprimed and pore-full face. They are harsh, mean spirited, unforgiving, proud, discouraging, selfish, impatient, vengeful and not the least bit gentle.  Now don’t get me wrong we are ALL guilty of leaving the house without our “primer” on, but it shouldn’t be the norm.

Jesus is perfect so he doesn’t need any primer. He has all the opposite qualities of those I just mentioned.  He had his moments when he spoke sternly and put people in their place but even then it was unusual and with good reason.  His intentions were never to tear down but to correct, protect and build up.

The more time you spend with him the more you become like him. The more you become like him the more “primed” you’ll be! So make it a priority to get face to face with the Son. Let him apply some “Primed and Poreless” to smooth out all those rough and bumpy areas. If you don’t, sad to say… but you’ll always be “Too Faced”.


PS, I don’t know about you, but I only want to have one face and I want it to reflect His.


(1 Thessalonians 5:12-28, Romans 12:9-21) Read it


Primed & Poreless


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