The Gallery


There once was this young woman who found herself walking through the city looking for something to do.  She passed many shops, cafes, and bars but nothing seemed to spark her interest.  Just then… across the street a sign caught her eye.  It said “I AM”.  She crossed the street in curiosity to get a closer look and to her surprise it was an art gallery.  The walls were white and the paintings were in bright pinks, blues, purples, greens, and every hue.  It looked as if it might be closed but she tried the door anyway.  To her surprise the door pulled open.  She walked inside and it was absolutely empty, secretly she appreciated the solitude.  No hustle, no bustle, just the quiet maze of hall ways, and her own thoughts.  As she examined each painting, the artistry amazed her, inspired her, and sparked her curiosity.  One piece even contained a small antique oval shaped mirror in the center.  Her face seemed to become one with the painting as she peered into the mirror.

Hours had passed when she finally stepped back out into the busyness of the city street.   A man saw her leaving the gallery so he approached her and said “I see you’ve been to the art gallery, how was it?”  “Amazing!” she replied.  “Who is the featured artist?” the man asked.  “Artist?  She said with a puzzled look.  “There is no such thing as an artist!” and with that she turned and walked away.

How ridiculous right?!  Yet this happens every day.

Countless of people look at the sky in all its beauty, watch the sun rise and set, take in the wonder of the world around them, they even stare into the eyes of new born baby or their own face in the mirror…yet they refuse to believe in God.  The same way a painting is evidence that there is an artist, this world (creation), you, and I are evidence that there is a Creator. If you deny God’s existence, you’ll just be as foolish as the young lady in this story.  The only difference is, she’ll never have to look the artist in the face and say “Yes I saw all your works but I didn’t believe you existed.” But YOU will.

(Romans 1:20-21) (Psalm 139:13-15)


This world is just a temporary “Gallery” exclaiming God’s works for all to see.


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