Urban Decay in green?  Yes!  Don’t you know that green compliments brown eyes and enhances them if they are any other color.  Never wore green eyeshadow before huh?  This may take you by surprise, but you have!

We all have one time or another.  It’s called envy, also known as “The Green Eyed Monster.”  Similar to jealousy but different in that when you envy not only do you want what the other person has but you carry feelings of ill will toward them.  It can make you do crazy things!  It made Jesus the target of the religious leaders and David the target of Saul.

Why is envy and jealousy known as “The Green Eyed Monster” anyway?  Well it was believed that when a person was filled with envy and covetousness, their body produced more green bile.  This would then change their complexion making them look sickly.  So when your envious you kind of look like this chic.

New Image

Proverbs 14:30 says – A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones.

When you are envious it truly is like decay in your inner man, and your countenance really does change.  So get a make over and remove that Urban Decay “green eyeshadow” and put on this really great “eyeshadow” called contentment.


You can find contentment in the godliness aisle. (1st Timothy 6:6)

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Urban Decay

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The Perfect Aviators



Aviators! I have to get me a pair.  So one day I took a trip to the shopping plaza in search of the perfect pair.  I tried on multiple pairs, they looked great!  The problem was they distorted the true color of things.  The blue shades made everything look blue, the red ones red, the yellow ones yellow and so on.  I don’t know about you but I like to see things as they really are.

The world tells us we need to be this way or that way.  Behave a certain way, attain a certain amount of fame and fortune, look a certain way, etc.  I’m not against fashion as you know 🙂  but it shouldn’t define you, nor should status and position.  We buy into it slowly but surely, trading our undistorted clear vision for the worlds “Aviators.”  It happens to the best of us.  Join me and take off them colored shades.  See things as God sees them.  You may not be the coolest in the eyes of  others but I guarantee you, being accepted by God is of far more value.


You want to see clearly?  Read the WORD.

(Psalm 119:18) (Luke 2:30-32)




My favorite beauty supply stores are Sephora and Ulta Beauty.  They have quality make up and great prices!  I specifically have a hard time finding the perfect lip gloss.  Some are too sticky and others wear off quickly.  I took a trip to Sephora the other day and stumbled upon a lip gloss called “Lip Venom”.  It not only gave my lips a nice shine but it also made them more plump!  A win win right?!  Well that depends.

Have you ever met someone and they seem beautiful at first until they start to speak?  The content of their words is more like poison then fresh springs.  Perhaps they need to wipe off that “Lip Venom”…Oh but if only it were that simple!

You see out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. We (Christians) are called to use even our very mouths as agents of healing and loving correction.  Not to gossip and put others down.  What makes a woman beautiful is not her make up, its the quality of her heart.


You want to attain true beauty?  Take a break from Sephora and Ulta Beauty and take a detour to this awesome place called “The feet of Jesus.”

(Proverbs 18:6-8) (Luke 6:45) (2nd Corinthians 3:18)


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Lip Venom

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Resolve, you’ve seen it in the detergent aisle at your local supermarket.  It works wonders! It removes those pesky stains.  I’ve always thought of “resolve” as just a stain remover until one night it became something much more.  After toiling in prayer asking God, “God what is it that you want me to learn? What do you want from me?”  He spoke one word which I saw very clearly, “RESOLVE.”  That’s what he wanted to build in me.  I still wasn’t sure what it meant so I looked it up and these three definitions stood out to me.

1.  to reduce or convert by, or as by, breaking up or disintegration.

Like those hard to remove stains, there were things in my heart that needed to be broken apart and removed for good.

2. to clear away or dispel doubts, fears, etc; answer: to resolve any doubts we may have had.

I was always questioning God as if He doesn’t know better.  It’s like spraying the stain remover and every time asking yourself, “What if it doesn’t work this time?”

3. to come to a determination; make up ones mind; determine to resolve on a plan of action.

Lastly, no matter what I felt and no matter my circumstance I had to be determined to keep following Him.  When you spray Resolve on stains the chemicals get to work, they don’t cease when the stain is hard to remove.

This is just a metaphor for something much deeper, but you catch my drift 🙂


You want to read about someone with great resolve?  Peter, Paul, Ruth, Joseph, etc.  The Bible is full of them.




I once bought this pair of Gucci pumps, they were FAB.  Everywhere I went heads turned and eyes stared.  One day as I was going on a night on the town, I noticed a small tear in the sole.  It wasn’t very noticeable so I paid it no mind.  As time went by it just became worse and people began to notice.  The threading un-threaded, the heel broke off and eventually I could no longer wear them in public.  One very important part of the story which I failed to mention…I bought them at a black market.

Sound familiar? No?  Okay, here goes!

Living for God, I mean REALLY living for God costs you something.  You can take short cuts and fool the world for a short time but in the end will your  “Gucci Pumps” prove to be the real deal?  Or will people see them for what they really are?  Knock offs.

(Matthew 23:27-28)  #thetruthcanhurt

PS,It’s not too late to invest in the real thing.

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Gucci Pumps