The Gallery


There once was this young woman who found herself walking through the city looking for something to do.  She passed many shops, cafes, and bars but nothing seemed to spark her interest.  Just then… across the street a sign caught her eye.  It said “I AM”.  She crossed the street in curiosity to get a closer look and to her surprise it was an art gallery.  The walls were white and the paintings were in bright pinks, blues, purples, greens, and every hue.  It looked as if it might be closed but she tried the door anyway.  To her surprise the door pulled open.  She walked inside and it was absolutely empty, secretly she appreciated the solitude.  No hustle, no bustle, just the quiet maze of hall ways, and her own thoughts.  As she examined each painting, the artistry amazed her, inspired her, and sparked her curiosity.  One piece even contained a small antique oval shaped mirror in the center.  Her face seemed to become one with the painting as she peered into the mirror.

Hours had passed when she finally stepped back out into the busyness of the city street.   A man saw her leaving the gallery so he approached her and said “I see you’ve been to the art gallery, how was it?”  “Amazing!” she replied.  “Who is the featured artist?” the man asked.  “Artist?  She said with a puzzled look.  “There is no such thing as an artist!” and with that she turned and walked away.

How ridiculous right?!  Yet this happens every day.

Countless of people look at the sky in all its beauty, watch the sun rise and set, take in the wonder of the world around them, they even stare into the eyes of new born baby or their own face in the mirror…yet they refuse to believe in God.  The same way a painting is evidence that there is an artist, this world (creation), you, and I are evidence that there is a Creator. If you deny God’s existence, you’ll just be as foolish as the young lady in this story.  The only difference is, she’ll never have to look the artist in the face and say “Yes I saw all your works but I didn’t believe you existed.” But YOU will.

(Romans 1:20-21) (Psalm 139:13-15)


This world is just a temporary “Gallery” exclaiming God’s works for all to see.

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I absolutely love Too Faced, Primed and Poreless face primer!  I apply it before I put on my powder foundation because it fills in the not so smooth spots and makes my skin look flawless. Definitely a must have!  Now I’ve got pretty good skin but there are areas of my face that need a little extra care, if ya know what I mean! You ever meet someone who’s pretty awesome? They pray really well, are involved in ministry, post lots of super spiritual things on their facebook and IG account, ect…etc.   Then as time goes by you get to know them outside of the church realm.  All of a sudden they begin to change. The perfectly “Primed and Poreless” face you saw in church becomes this well….unprimed and pore-full face. They are harsh, mean spirited, unforgiving, proud, discouraging, selfish, impatient, vengeful and not the least bit gentle.  Now don’t get me wrong we are ALL guilty of leaving the house without our “primer” on, but it shouldn’t be the norm.

Jesus is perfect so he doesn’t need any primer. He has all the opposite qualities of those I just mentioned.  He had his moments when he spoke sternly and put people in their place but even then it was unusual and with good reason.  His intentions were never to tear down but to correct, protect and build up.

The more time you spend with him the more you become like him. The more you become like him the more “primed” you’ll be! So make it a priority to get face to face with the Son. Let him apply some “Primed and Poreless” to smooth out all those rough and bumpy areas. If you don’t, sad to say… but you’ll always be “Too Faced”.


PS, I don’t know about you, but I only want to have one face and I want it to reflect His.


(1 Thessalonians 5:12-28, Romans 12:9-21) Read it

Primed & Poreless


So…I have fairly light brown eyes and wanted to find a color to accent them which would make them stand out. I thought, “Maybe I can do metallic colors like silver, gold and bronze!”  So one day as I was perusing down the make-up aisle I noticed an ad (it had Pink as the spokeswoman, side note – love her style), the ad showed her wearing these bright metallic colors on her eyes called “Flamed Out”.  Me being a sucker for color and metallic, I purchased the gold, silver and bronze shadow pencils. They go on smooth and are long lasting! Whenever I wear them I always get compliments on my eyes.  It’s the first thing people notice.

This made me think…”What if you and I stood out the way my eyes did when I wore these metallic colors?” “What if when people see us they have to stop and stare for a minute because there is something about us that catches their attention?”  Then I thought, “Wait a minute…there is! At least there should be.” 

You see when you are a Christian, the more time you spend with God (in prayer and reading the word) and the more you allow his Holy Spirit to be the fire within you, the more you stand out, like my eyes did.  It’s a spiritual kind of “Flamed Out” that can only be applied by Him.  It goes on smooth and it’s long lasting but keep in mind it also has to be reapplied (as does your time with Him).  So if you’ve been feeling like a plain Jane and need to update up your look, you know what to do.  I guarantee you, there is nothing more eye catching then someone who has a flame that comes from within.  

What? You’re not much of a eyeshadow kinda gal?  No problem!  “Flamed Out” has a whole line of products…mascara, lipstick, nail polish, ect. Take your pick!


Now go and give the world something to talk about 


(Luke 24:32 , Matthew 3:11)


Volunteer Slave

"Choose me! Choose me!"

“Choose me! Choose me!”

I once new this young man who recalled his days of old as a slave. The beatings, the cruel punishments, the harsh words and the harsh labor. He rejoiced when slaves had finally been declared free. Over time however, his rejoicing soon came to an end. You see… although he was a free man by law, he couldn’t see himself as something other than a slave. Eventually he returned to his masters house and submitted once again to his harsh labor. The master looked puzzled but took pleasure in the mans inability to accept his new stance in life. He worked the slave harder then ever.

“That man is crazy!” You say, but you and I can too be that man! When you put your faith in Jesus you were by law declared righteous. No longer an enemy of God but a child of God. No longer guilty but acquitted. No longer to be labeled unrighteous but righteous. The devil (like the slave master) takes pleasure when Gods children can’t grasp who they REALLY are or what God TRULY has for them. He enjoys seeing them give in to their sinful tendencies which eat away at their lives and in some cases forfeit the blessings God intended for them to have.

When a slave has been set free the hardest part is not enjoying their freedom, it’s actually no longer having a slave 🔒 mentality.
If Jesus has set you free, the hardest part is not rejoicing, the hardest part is no longer seeing yourself clothed in your own sinfulness.

A slave whose been set free yet still sees themselves as a slave will return to his hard labor. A Christian who has been set free yet still sees themselves as who they were apart from Christ , will return to his sinful lifestyle.

Start seeing yourself as God sees you, through the righteousness of Jesus. He sees you as a child of God, a saint, a royal priesthood, justified, acquitted, righteous, redeemed, forgiven, loved, valuable and FREE.

Does this mean you will never sin? Absolutely not! It means your identity should not be found in the times when you do. I guarantee you, seeing yourself through the eyes 👀 of God will make it much harder to live a sinful lifestyle.

Now go be found in Him

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Isn’t she FAB in an avant-garde kind of way?  If I had the infamous Black Widow with me I”d walk the streets anytime day or night.  I wouldn’t have to worry about the bad guys because she’d be my security.  When a person has security they feel safe and at ease.  Nothing or no one can cause them to feel threatened.  I can see her now, taking care of business with her awesome moves!  BANG!  BOOM!  POW!

Sadly many Christians are walking around without the “Black Widow” by their side.  When you lack security, what do you gain?……That’s right insecurity.   We all need the “Black Widow” with us at all times so that we don’t operate out of insecurity.  Insecurity breeds fear and scheming, security breeds peace and trust.

Now don’t be fooled! Even those in high positions can suffer from it.  Let’s take a look at 5 ways the lack of security can cause someone to behave.

1.  Inability to acknowledge others OR to hear them acknowledged by others –  When you lack security you become jealous of others so this is difficult to do.   (All you have to do is say “good job”, after all we are all on the same side!)

2.  Worried not excited – If you find yourself worried about how well someone is doing, you may be suffering from the absence of the “Black Widow.”  (You should be excited about how well others are doing.)

3.  Finding power in numbers – When your insecure you want others to join in with you.  You ever heard the term “misery loves company”? So does insecurity!  (Take your fears and insecurities to the Lord, don’t involve others. When God is with someone, their adversaries will always be out numbered.)

4.  Plot against someone in the form of a “blessing” or an “opportunity –  When you bless others or give others an opportunity, make sure its not feigned.  These types of “blessings” or “opportunities” really stem from a desire to see the person fail.  (Check yourself, after all God knows your heart! When he is with some one they will succeed regardless.)

5.  Try to harm others directly or indirectly – King Saul threw arrows at David when his other attempts to kill him failed.   Now you may not literally throw arrows at people but you can with words.  Those who are insecure have a tendency to throw words of discouragement and negativity at others.  When you feel the need to put others down, it says a lot about how you feel about yourself. (If you don’t have anything constructive to say, don’t say anything!  Thank God for the person instead)

If you find yourself behaving in any of these ways, chances are your getting beat by the “bad guys” and need some security.


You want to have the “Black Widow” with you at all times,  so she can kill the “bad guys” that hide in your heart?  Seek Him ^

(1st Samuel 18-19) READ it!

Watch the Black Widow in action..



Harpers Bizarre

I am a visual person, so vivid images catch my attention.  I happen to love some magazine covers.  So many elements go into making the cover stand out.  One magazine in particular that has spectacular covers is the Harper’s Bazaar.  The colors, fashion and celebrities on the cover are very appealing.  These attractive covers get you to pick up the magazine and eventually read them.

As I was perusing through the magazines something occurred to me…the message wasn’t clear!  There were articles entitled “Look Younger”, “Fabulous at Every Age”, and “Update Your Look”.  Well which one should I believe?  That I’m FAB at every age?  That I need to look younger?  Or that I just need to update my look?  Talk about BIZARRE!


I’m so glad the word of God doesn’t contradict itself.  The message is reliable and supports itself.  I LOVE magazines, but what a confused and insecure woman I’d be if I let the Harper’s Bazaar define me.  Who/What defines you?  Your marital status?  Clothes?  How “good” you are?  Material possessions?  Position?  Ministry? Your calling? or CHRIST?

(Philippians 3:7-10)  (Matthew 6:19-21)  (Luke 12:15)


The only thing more BIZARRE then the Harper’s Bazaar are those who give it the authority it wasn’t meant to have.


beauty, Christian, fashion


beauty, Christian, fashion

My Essie Collection


Which color to wear?  That’s the question of the day.  It’s summer so maybe a bright color or a pastel!  So many colors to choose from, so many different shades…decisions, decisions.

I was looking at my Essie collection the other day and thought “So many beautiful colors.”  Then I thought, “Kind of like the people of God.”  We are all unique and have something to give (which God has deposited into us).  First Corinthians 12:1-11 talks about different spiritual gifts, services and works.  Like the many shades of my Essie collection we are all special and bring something different to the table, or the “nail polish stand.”

Even though there are many colors on my nail polish stand they all have the same distributor, Essie.  Just as we, even though we have different gifts, services and works…we too have one distributor, Jesus.  One color is not considered better than the other although we have our preferences (mine is pink 🙂   ).  Each shade has its benefits.  Some are better suited for summer, others for fall, spring, or winter.  Some are pearlescent and some are glittery for the fancier occasions.

Whichever color or shade you see yourself as, know that each one has its purpose.  Don’t wish you were a different color then what you are.  You just might be the exact color that someone needs.

(1st Corinthians 12:1-11)


We are all on this “nail polish stand” together and with the same purpose, to serve others.